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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cookie Dough Protein Balls (easy, 5 ingredients, gluten free)

I have been searching for a protein ball recipe that was easy to make and used ingredients that I had on hand. The ones that I have found use either oat meal that you need to grind in a coffee grinder (which mine is filled with coffee grounds year around) or they had ingredients in them I really never buy. These Cookie dough protein balls have ingredients that are easy to find and the recipe only calls for 5 ingredients. Which is why I have been making these lately. School has started for my oldest son and these have made my life easier and my two boys can't get enough of them. I will admit, I give these to them as a treat, because they are that good and are good for you! Oh yes, and I call them cookie dough protein balls because I stick them in the freezer and eat them right when I take them out!! YUMMM.

Things you'll need
Air tight container
Spoon and a mixing bowl

2/3 cup of roasted salted peanut butter
3 tbsp of honey
1 tsp on vanilla
5 tbsp of oat bran (I use TJ's brand)
3 tbsp of the darkest chocolate chips you can find
optional a dash of cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together. Scrape off the top of  your measuring spoon while measuring the oat bran. Also, make sure the peanut butter is measured correctly. Using room temp peanut butter will help. Enjoy. :)

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